Ancient Greece

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Alexander is the son of Zeus – Part 4

Here Alexander stopped The unexpectedly difficult conquest of Bactria and Sogdiana (approximately the territory of present-day Afghanistan and Central Asia) was first due to the fact that Bactrian satrap Bess tried to proclaim himself a new Persian “king of kings”. Alexander did not consider this place vacant. But the removal of Bess was not the […]

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Alexander is the son of Zeus – Part 3

This demigod From the conquered Phenicia Alexander rushed to Egypt, where he founded the city of Alexandria. Another special event of his Egyptian “tour” was a risky journey through the sands of the Libyan desert to the oasis of Siva to the priests of the Egyptian god Amon-Ra, whom the Greeks likened to Zeus. Arriane […]

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Alexander is the son of Zeus – Part 2

Do not shield the Sun In the summer of 336 BC. e. Philip of Macedon was slain by the hand of the murderer in the midst of the festivities on the occasion of his daughter’s wedding. In the involvement in this atrocity, according to the Greek historian Arrian, Alexander subsequently accused the Persian king Darius: […]

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Alexander is the son of Zeus – Part 1

Having ascended to the throne of Macedonia at the age of twenty, Alexander conquered the Persian Empire at twenty-five, part of India at thirty and died in Babylon three years later. His life was very short: it was enough to create a power, the greatest of all that existed before… Raised under Mieza A lot […]

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Text editing rules for non-professionals

Get the perfect text from the copywriter is not easy, which is due to the complexity of the topic or work specification, the inattention of the author, etc. That is why every text necessarily goes through the editing stage, during which all possible errors are eliminated. But how to edit the text without being a […]

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The story about the Ancient Greek arson

About 21 September 356 BC within the Traditional town of Ephesus’ night a large fireplace clearly was there. Citizens that were surprised unearthed that the fireplace ruined their satisfaction that was primary — Artemis’ forehead. The inquest that was warm, was imprisoned the fire’s supposed criminal. The suspect was a citizen that is local from […]

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The mystery of the Archimedes manuscript Part 2

The Palimpsest Of Archimedes. A student was produced by by obvious wording. From the particular German households, worker of the market home Christie Is obtained a notice in 1991 wanting to market allegedly exactly the same Palimpsest. The news headlines was obtained with disbelief, but suddenly good consensus has been made by following evaluation. The […]

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The mystery of the Archimedes’s manuscript Part 1

Archimedes’ law, Archimedes mess, “Provide a fulcrum to me and Our Planet!” wills transfer, “Eureka!”. And lastly, “do not contact my sketches!” Almost anything depleted that people find out about the renowned Siracusa in senior school. We all know the truly amazing technician of antiquity that Archimedes and also the idol of the opposition . […]

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The history of Ancient Greece

Historic occasions Ancient Greece Historic Greece’s place is traditionally divided into three components: Middle southern and Upper. Within the southern component was situated better-known as Sparta, Lakonika. Athens may be Greece’s primary town was in the Centre of their state, alongside places such as for instance Aetolia, Attica and Phocis. This component was divided in […]

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