The Egyptian Pyramids Part 2

  — Can there be to the way the pyramids are placed in accordance with one another any program? — Is a theory, suggested by manufacture John Buval that is English the pyramids signify “Orionis buckle” — three superstars. Orionis buckle may be the constellation holy in several civilizations that are historic. With Osiris, Orion […]

01/05/2017 FAQ

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The Egyptian Pyramids Part 1

Chart — among the many mystical man made items in the world. — Followers of pseudohistory genuinely believe that the Egyptians historic civilizations not constructed the pyramids. How can this fantasy be refuted by you? Historian works particular details, together with historic files. You will find resources that state that the pyramids were constructed by […]

26/04/2017 FAQ

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The origin of the names of kings Part 2

Throughout Egyptian history the old Kingdom, despite this slight voltage reduction, apparently, the kings of the fourth dynasty, feeling that the kings are very powerful beings, something indeed related to the same gods, persists. It should be formulated: what in kings divine? I said that it was a difficult honor to the Egyptians was a […]

21/04/2017 FAQ

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The origin of the names of kings Part 1

Sacralization of Royal power in Ancient Egypt is a modern research term that covers quite different phenomena, which at the same time, are reduced into a single focus. First of all, you need to keep in mind that for the Egyptians it was not just honor paid to the king, the Imperial cult in its […]

19/04/2017 FAQ

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