Computers during World War 2 Part 1

To get a very long time it had been thought the globe is first digital processing device (PC) was the National ENIAC, that was released in 1945. Actually, PCs appeared and was utilized substantially throughout the battle decades. Nevertheless, details about such devices for a large number of years’ lifestyle stayed labeled. Actually, prior to […]

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The weapon “Fat Gustav”

In 1936 before Adolf Hitler confronted of beating the German line of protection of the line the issue, 400-kilometer long line that is defensive, comprising fortifications bunkers and points. Through this line of protection of the point, within 100 kilometers, supplied the level of the protection along with a substantial degree. In 1936 the company’s […]

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Fantastic machines of the First World War Part 2

“Land cruiser” Hetherington In England, the first draft of the “land cruiser” was presented by the captain of the Royal naval air service Thomas Hetherington. The thickness of its armor was 80 mm. In each of the three towers were located on two 102-mm guns. But the wheels had only three: two in front, 12 […]

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Fantastic machines of the First World War Part 1

That the first British tanks for the sake of privacy I decided to call “tank”, today know many. Much more a veil of secrecy covered the projects of tanks, invented even before the “Little Willie” and “Big Willie” was released for testing. That’s about these top-secret once projects we will now and tell… Machine Bouar […]

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