How did Queen Elizabeth 1 influence British society?

How did Queen Elizabeth 1 influence British society?

During her reign, Elizabeth I established Protestantism in England; defeated the Spanish Armada in 1588; maintained peace inside her previously divided country; and created an environment where the arts flourished. She was sometimes called the “Virgin Queen”, as she never married.

What made Queen Elizabeth a great ruler?

During her reign, she navigated the turbulent economic waters and returned England to growth and prosperity. She successfully led the country into battle on the high seas against the powerful Spanish Armada and built a foundation for the English culture of literature, art, and learning.

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Why was Queen Elizabeth 1 so important?

She is remembered as the virgin queen, and the savior of England. Elizabeth I also made England a major naval power by building the fishing and boat building industries. For all of these things she is remembered fondly, but she is also remembered for being the most religiously tolerant member of her family.

How did Queen Elizabeth 1 impact the Renaissance?

She supported theater, fashion, literature, dance, and education. Poets and playwrights composed some of the greatest works in the English Language. Elizabeth worked to strengthen England’s economy, and she encouraged trade and commerce. She authorized English trading companies in Africa, Asia, and the Americas.

What were the effects of renaissance on English literature?

The effects of the Renaissance on English literature were an increased emphasis on humanism and individuality, as well as an increased willingness of writers to satirize existing institutions such as the church and state and to write secular rather than religious works.

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Which factor that influenced the birth of the Renaissance is the most important one?

Historians have identified several causes for the emergence of the Renaissance following the Middle Ages, such as: increased interaction between different cultures, the rediscovery of ancient Greek and Roman texts, the emergence of humanism, different artistic and technological innovations, and the impacts of conflict …

What advances in society did the renaissance create?

Some major developments of the Renaissance include astronomy, humanist philosophy, the printing press, vernacular language in writing, painting and sculpture technique, world exploration and, in the late Renaissance, Shakespeare’s works.