How much did they donate to Notre Dame?

How much did they donate to Notre Dame?

The French Heritage Society has so far received $2.45m in donations, mostly from the US (including $2m from the Estée Lauder estate), and the funds keep coming. Donations also suddenly poured into the American charity Friends of Notre-Dame de Paris, established in 2017 to gather funds for the monument’s restoration.

How do I buy RER tickets in Paris?

You can buy individual tickets for €1,90 or carnets of 10 tickets for €16,90 from vending machines in Métro and RER stations, using coins or a credit card. If you put the carnet fare on an RATP stored-value card such as Navigo Easy, the price is only €14,90.

How much is a train ticket in Paris?

A single metro ticket costs €1.90, and can be used for one journey, including all connections. White-coloured tickets can be purchased singly or in a book of 10 (“carnet”) for €16, at the ticket offices or machines in metro stations, and also in some tobacconists.

How much is a Navigo Pass?

How much does Navigo Decouverte cost? Navigo Decouverte price is 22.80€ plus 5€ for the card fee payable in Euro cash notes or coins, Visa / Mastercard credit card or European debit card.

How do I get a monthly Navigo Pass?

Once you are in possession of your Navigo card, you may purchase a weekly, monthly or yearly pass online, in our Navigo offices, at our Navigo counters or using our vending machines. For people residing outside of the Paris region: if you need to subscribe to a travel pass, our Navigo découverte offer is made for you.

How do I get a Navigo Pass?

To get your Navigo Découverte card, you can either go to an SNCF Transilien, OPTILE, or RATP sales office, or to one of the “comptoir-club” offices in Paris or in the Paris region, where you can get it right away.

Where can I buy navigo easy?

You can purchase a Navigo Easy card at any Paris Métro or RER ticket booth.

How do I get a Navigo easy card?

To obtain your Navigo Easy card, you can go to any ticket office, Navigo SNCF Service Counter or carrier counter. You will immediately get it there and can load the fares of your choice. You can also load tickets on SNCF and RATP ticket machines.

How much is a 5 day Paris Metro pass?


Type Price for Zone 1-3 Adult / Child* Price for Zone 1-5 Adult / Child*
1 day €12.00 / €6.00 €25.25 / €12.60
2 days €19.50 / €9.75 €38.35 / €19.15
3 days €26.65 / €13.30 €53.75 / €26.85
5 days €38.35 / €19.15 €65.80 / €32.90

What are Paris metro zones?

Paris Metro trains are a single zone even if the Metro line crosses into zone 2 or zone 3. Paris zones apply to transit passes used on RER trains and Transilien trains to Disney, Versailles, airports, etc. By default Navigo Decouverte passes are 1-5 zone.

What zone is Versailles?

zone 4

How much is train from Paris to Versailles?

If you want to make some savings, the cheapest way to get to Versailles from Paris is to use public transports and especially by train. Paris to Versailles by train cost about 7,3€ for a round trip.