How was medieval Japan similar to medieval Europe?

How was medieval Japan similar to medieval Europe?

Medieval Japan is often well covered in textbooks because of its similarities to “medieval Europe,” with warriors, castles, and feudal structures. Samurai values of service to a lord and personal loyalty become central to Japanese cultural tradition over the centuries.

What conditions led to development of feudalism in both Western Europe and Japan?

What conditions led to the development of feudalism in both Western Europe and Japan? Central government loss power and was times of disarray led to feudalism. 2.) In the feudal system in both Europe and Japan, what did lesser nobles give to lords in exchange for grants of land?

What were the similarities between samurai and knights greater than the differences?

The samurai and knight’s beliefs has similarities. That similarity is they both include loyalty to their lords or master. The samurai and knight’s beliefs has differences. One difference is the samurai must protect their master first and the knights protect the ladies and children first.

How would you describe the French knights view of life?

For them, life was about serving their lord, their manor, and fighting with honor in battle. They also had a romantic view about women, they saw them as “damsels in distress” that needed to be protected and were to be adored.

What are the similarities between samurai and knights?

Based on document B knights and both samurai’s were both very similar. Such as Both the knight and the samurai pledged loyalty and military service. Secondly samurai’s and knights swore on an oath to their lords. samurais and knights had to be very loyal to be a good samurai or knight.

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Does an honorable warrior ever leave fallen warriors behind?

Answer: A honorable warrior never leave fallen comrades behind.

Does a good soldier always obey his orders?

It depends on the order. Military members disobey orders at their own risk. They also obey orders at their own risk. An order to perform a military duty, no matter how dangerous, is lawful as long as it doesn’t involve the commission of a crime.

What happens if you disobey in the army?

The penalties for violating or failing to obey a lawful general order or regulation include: Dishonorable discharge; Forfeiture of pay and allowances; and/or. No more than 2 years of confinement.

Did an honorable warrior ever retreat?

Answer. No, an real honorable warrior will never give up he may fail for sometime but, will always ready to fight back and will give the full percent of the skills.

What are the main characteristics of Bushido?

These are the eight principles of Bushido:

  • Righteousness. This one is sometimes referred to as justice, and it’s about striving to do the right thing.
  • Courage. Samurai would have made excellent Gryffindor.
  • Compassion. “With great power comes great responsibility.”
  • Respect.
  • Truthfulness.
  • Honor.
  • Loyalty.
  • Self-control.

Are German soldiers allowed to disobey orders?

German soldiers (Bundeswehr) are not only allowed, but obligated, to disobey any order they think would violate human dignity. This point is so heavily emphasized in basic training that a lot of new recruits are sworn into the Service at the castle where Hitler was nearly assassinated.

Can police disobey orders?

We have a moral, ethical and professional responsibility to respectfully refuse to obey orders to enforce unconstitutional laws. We, as police officers, cannot legally, morally or ethically arrest someone in an effort to enforce an unconstitutional law.

Is disobeying a police officer a crime?

Law enforcement officers are unique in that they have the power to issue lawful orders to the population at large. As a result, disobeying a peace officer is a criminal offense under California Vehicle Code Section 2800 VC, and a conviction under this statute can carry serious consequences.

Is it ever right to disobey the law?

It has to be a moral right against the law. And this moral right is not an unlimited right to disobey any law which one regards as unjust. Civil disobedience is an effort to change the law by making it impossible to enforce the law, or by making the price of such enforcement extremely high.

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Who is Jay’s dad in Ninjago?

Cliff Gordon

Who is the Purple Ninja in Ninjago?


How old is Dareth Ninjago?

Most Elemental Masters (Except Skylor and Griffin Turner) are 30 years old. Dareth is in his mid-30s. Ronin is late 30. Captain Soto is chronologicaly about 400 years old, biologicaly around 40-50 years.

How old is Nelson Ninjago?

14 years old

Who is the brown ninja?


Does Cole ever become human again Ninjago?

Shortly after, the ninja battled Morro and spirits from the Cursed Realm. Needing to learn Airjitzu, the ninja went to the Temple of Airjitzu, where Cole was turned into a ghost. Cole fought Yang, but eventually made amends with him, and Cole became a human once more via the Rift of Return.

Does the Brown Ninja have powers?

Brown Power was a fake Elemental Power used by Dareth by drinking a large pot of Mystake’s tea. It gave him the ability to create brown “flames.” It seems its existence within the user is only temporary, and it is unknown if it is possible to regain it.

Does Dareth get powers?

He gains “powers” from Mystake and is among the few to escape the Sons of Garmadon capturing and subsequently imprisoning the rest of the elemental masters. Dareth continues to help Lloyd, Nya, and Skylor in fighting Garmadon’s oppressive rule.

How does Lloyd die?

The popular YouTuber started his channel in 2011 and was known for funny videos about his life. YouTube star Lloyd Cafe Cadena died of a heart attack just days after he tested positive for the coronavirus, according to an update from his family.

Who voices Dareth in Ninjago?

Alan Marriott

How many seasons of Ninjago are there?


Why do ninjas look different in Season 8?

Most backgrounds also look much more realistic. There are some differences involving the ninja’s powers in this season: The Hageman Brothers stated they opted for a more grounded tone, so the ninja often draw their powers from their surroundings rather than creating them out of thin air.

Is there a Ninjago season 14?

Therefore, we can expect ‘Ninjago’ season 14 to release sometime in the first half of 2021.

What is Ninjago season 11 called?

The eleventh season of LEGO Ninjago, subtitled Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu, is preceded by Season 10 and succeeded by the Prime Empire Original Shorts and Season 12.