What are the best guns in BF1?

What are the best guns in BF1?

Battlefield 1 Best Guns Guide

  • CSRG SMG – A fairly light submachine-gun with a high rate of fire.
  • CSRG SMG Optical – The same weapon, except with the addition of a scope.
  • BSA Howell – A semi automatic assault rifle with a bayonet.
  • BSA Howell Marksman – The semi automatic rifle featured with a marksman scope.

How heavy is a bar rifle?

19.4 pounds

How do you unlock boys at rifle?

The Boys AT Rifle is a weapon introduced in Battlefield V in the third Tides of War chapter Trial By Fire. The weapon is unlocked upon completion of Week 9 challenges, after which it became purchasable from The Company.

What is the best gun in Battlefield 5?

Battlefield 5 Best Guns

  • StG 44 – The first assault rifle you get in the game is one of the best, mostly for its versatility.
  • Turner SMLE – By comparison to the last gun, the Turner SMLE is definitely for more patient play.

Why can’t I buy guns in bf1?

You CANNOT buy from the soldier screen. Instead when you are selecting your class and load out when going into battle you can choose to configure. On that list you can purchase new weapons using your war bonds.

How do you get more war bonds in bf1?

You earn war bonds simply by ranking up, so the act of leveling up enough to get access to Battlefield 1’s more impressive weapons will by its very nature help you to then buy those weapons. You can see how many you have on the top right of the customization screen.

How do you get the Model 1900 Factory in Battlefield 1?


  1. Model 1900 (Factory) Perform 40 kills with the M97 Trench Gun Backbored.
  2. Model 1900 (Slug) Perform 50 kills with the 12G Automatic Extended.
  3. Maxim (Factory)
  4. Maxim (Variant)
  5. Fedorov Avtomat (Trench)
  6. Fedorov Avtomat (Optical)
  7. General Liu Rifle (Factory)
  8. General Liu Rifle (Optical)

How do you get the sickle in bf1?

The Sickle is a Codex Entry featured in Battlefield 1. It is unlocked upon obtaining 10 kills with the Sickle.

What is the best melee weapon in battlefield 1?