What did dally do in Chapter 5?

What did dally do in Chapter 5?

Dally says the police approached him about Bob’s murder and he told them that the perpetrators fled to Texas. He takes Johnny and Ponyboy to the Dairy Queen and tells them that a state of open warfare exists between the greasers and the Socs, who are furious about Bob’s death.

What does Dally say in the outsiders?

Dally was in a hurry to tell Johnny that the “Greasers” had beat the “Socs. ‘ When they got to the hospital Dally said, “We won,” “We beat the Socs.” A few minutes later Johnny died.

When Dally says that Cherry still doesn’t like him at all what is pony thinking?

Pony thinks it’s because she’s too scared to “love” or even like Dally. She finds him attractive in a forbidden way.

Who thought Darry was too smart to be a greaser?

Darry also had ambitions to go to college, but gave up supporting her two younger brothers by working two jobs, one as a confectioner. Darry is both brawny and smart. Two-Bit once notices that the only thing that prevents Darry from being a Soc is us, and Ponyboy agrees that Darry is too smart to be a greaser.

Why did sodapop drop out of school chapter1?

Sodapop, Ponyboy and Darry are the three handsome Curtis brothers in Susan Hinton’s teen novel “The Outsiders.” Sodapop drops out of high school when his greaser girlfriend Sandy gets pregnant. He finds out that the father is another girl, but he wants to marry her anyway; she ends up moving to Florida.

What was Darry’s biggest fear?

He has put down his guard only where Johnny is concerned, and his greatest fear is that something bad might happen to the only person he cares about in the world (Chapter 6).

What happened to soda’s girlfriend Sandy?

What happened to Soda’s girlfriend, Sandy? Why is it significant that Soda doesn’t brag about Sandy? Sandy went to live with her grandmother in Florida. The real story is that Sandy’s parents don’t want her to marry a sixteen year old.

Is Dally selfish?

Dally was known for his criminal record. It showed that Dally was going from a careless and selfish person who did not care about anyone but himself, to a person who would risk getting into trouble to help others. By doing so, he becomes more mature by being more helpful towards others.