What does it mean if you have a stable food supply?

What does it mean if you have a stable food supply?

A stable food supply means there is enough food for all of the people all the time. There could even be a surplus (extra).

Why is a stable food supply important?

Stable food supply was a significant indicator that helped Sumer become a civilization. An irrigation system represents stable food supply because it is how they controlled water to be able to plant crops. A second most important artifact that is in the category of stable food supply is the plow.

Did ancient Egypt have a stable food supply?

Ancient Egyptians lived by the Nile river becuase anywhere else was too dry. The fertile ground enabled the Ancient Egyptians to grow crops like wheat and barley, vegetables like lettuce, onions, peas, leeks, garlic, cucumber, and squash, and fruits like melons, grapes, dates, figs, and pomegranates. …

How did early civilization develop a stable food supply?

Rather than relying primarily on hunting or gathering food, many societies created systems for producing food. By about 10,000 BCE, humans began to establish agricultural villages. Thus, surplus food, food that did not go directly to farmers’ families, was distributed to members of the society.

Was there a stable food supply during the Paleolithic era?

During the Paleolithic Age, people obtained food by hunting animals and gathering plants. They did not have a stable, or dependable, food supply. Instead of gathering wild plants, people discovered that they could plant seeds and harvest crops.

How do biofuels affect food supply?

If biofuels are produced from feedstocks that would have been used for food, then biofuels directly reduce potential food supplies. This reduction occurs even if feedstock price increases result in an expansion of supply because the expanded feedstock supply will typically reduce the supply of other food crops.

What was the greatest benefit of the new stone age?

The Neolithic age also called the New Stone Age, began with what discovery? They Neolithic Age began when people learned to produce their own food and farm. What was the greatest benefit when people began farming? They had a more stable food supply and didn’t have to hunt.