What does the appeaser cartoon mean?

What does the appeaser cartoon mean?

‘The Appeaser’ represents the Allies, allowing Germany (the serpents) to take more and more land and power (the lollipops) in hopes that they will just leave in peace once they get ‘one more’.

What does appeasement mean in WW2?

Appeasement, Foreign policy of pacifying an aggrieved country through negotiation in order to prevent war. The prime example is Britain’s policy toward Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

What do the lollipops represent?

The lollipop emoji is used by those with a sweet tooth, filling various social-media feeds with mouth watering pictures of desserts and candy of all kind. It’s also used to convey the idea of something that is good and positive, or exciting and excellent.

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What is the opposite of cajole?

What is the opposite of cajole?

repel repulse
revolt disgust
deter discourage
disenchant dissuade
horrify nauseate

What does disheveled mean?

disheveled • \dih-SHEV-uld\ • adjective. : marked by disorder or disarray. Examples: The young man’s wrinkled suit gave him a disheveled appearance. “

What do you call messy hair?

tousled. adjective. tousled hair looks untidy in an attractive way.

What does unkempt mean in English?

not well-combed

What is a disheveled home?

The meaning of disheveled hasn’t changed much from the 16th and 17th centuries, when it referred to disordered clothing or hair. Wrinkled clothes, knotted hair, and a chaotic house might earn the adjective disheveled.

What is a sentence for disheveled?

Disheveled sentence example. His bleached hair was disheveled , his eyes squinting at the hall light. Her eyes were red, her red hair wet and disheveled , and she wore a flannel bathrobe and was barefoot. Two disheveled members of her guard were with her in a dark, blurry cage.

Is a brouhaha?

Brouhaha is a French word sometimes used in English to describe an uproar or hubbub, a state of social agitation when a minor incident gets out of control.