What kind of resources are especially important to Andean countries?

What kind of resources are especially important to Andean countries?

Mining is especially extensive in the south. The principal minerals are copper in Chile and Peru; tin in Bolivia; silver, lead, and zinc in Bolivia and Peru; gold in Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Chile, and Colombia; platinum in Colombia; bismuth in Bolivia; coal in Colombia; and iron in Chile, Peru, and Colombia.

What are the Andes mountains made of?

Summary: The Andes were formed by tectonic activity whereby Earth is uplifted as one plate (oceanic crust) subducts under another plate (continental crust). To get such a high mountain chain in a subduction zone setting is unusual, which adds to the importance of trying to figure out when and how it happened.

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Are the Andes growing or shrinking?

It’s been understood that the Andes mountain range has been growing as the Nazca oceanic plate slips underneath the South American continental plate, causing the Earth’s crust to shorten (by folding and faulting) and thicken.

How cold is it in the Andes Mountains?

Chile is split up into two different temperature regions; the northern part of Chile has an average of 64°F, and the southern part has an average of 71°F. In winter the temperatures usually averages about less than 52°F. In the summer it usually averages 68°F.

What is the average height of the mountain?

A mountain differs from a plateau in having a limited summit area, and is larger than a hill, typically rising at least 300 metres (1000 feet) above the surrounding land. A few mountains are isolated summits, but most occur in mountain ranges.

What kind of rocks are found in Colorado?

Colorado’s crystalline rocks are Precambrian-aged igneous and metamorphic (granite, gneiss, schist), as well as Tertiary aged volcanic and igneous intrusive (granite, pegmatite).

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Where can I dig for gems in Colorado?

Colorado Gem & Mineral Locations

  • Stoneham – Barite.
  • State Line Diamond District.
  • Red Feather Lakes – Amethyst.
  • Devils Head – Smoky Quartz, Clear White Quartz, Citrine and Topaz.
  • Wigham Creek – Topaz, Smoky Quartz, and Amazonite.
  • Crystal Park – Topaz, Smoky Quartz, and Amazonite.
  • Glen Cove – Topaz.

Where can you find amethyst in Colorado?

One of Colorado’s better known amethyst localities is the Crystal Hill mine near the small settlement of La Garita in Saguache County. La Garita is on a paved auto road just west of U.S. Route 285, midway between the towns of Saguache and Monte Vista.

Where can I find garnets in Colorado?

Looking west across the valley of the Arkansas River at the mighty Sawatch Range. Ruby Mountain, Colorado, is not the only place in the U. S. where early prospectors mistook red garnets for the gem mineral ruby (probably wishful thinking!).

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Where can I find gold in Colorado?

Gold mining in Colorado

  • Cripple Creek.
  • Fairplay (South Park)
  • Central City.
  • Breckenridge.
  • Summitville.
  • Leadville.
  • Gold Hill.
  • Steamboat Springs.

Where can I buy rose quartz in Colorado?

Rose Quartz from Colorado, USA

  • Meyers Ranch, Guffey Mining District, Park Co., Colorado, USA.
  • Devils Hole Mine, Devils Hole area, Fremont Co., Colorado, USA.
  • Meyers Ranch, Guffey Mining District, Park Co., Colorado, USA.
  • Texas Creek area, Fremont Co., Colorado, USA.

Where can I buy smoky quartz in Colorado?

Colorado Amazonite and Smoky Quartz The amazonite-smoky quartz clusters from Pikes Peak and a few other Colorado locations are very popular and often very valuable specimens. Other Colorado locations include Devil’s Head, Pine Creek, Cheyenne, Crystal Park, and Harris Park.