Who does EK Hornbeck represent in Inherit the Wind?

Who does EK Hornbeck represent in Inherit the Wind?

Bryan and Darrow, formerly close friends, opposed one another at the Scopes trial. The character of E. K. Hornbeck is modeled on that of H. L. Mencken, who covered the trial for The Baltimore Sun, and the character of Bertram Cates corresponds to Scopes.

Why does Hornbeck call Drummond a hypocrite?

Because he was looking for God too high up and too far away.” Hornbeck calls Drummond a hypocrite and fraud and says he is more religious than Brady was— must “hammer out the story of an atheist who believes in God.”

Why is Inherit the Wind important?

Lawrence and Lee use Inherit the Wind as a metaphor for censorship or thought control; the play is their response to McCarthyism. Although the basis of the play is a historical event. the playwrights are not referring only to the Scopes trial (1925), the Butler Law, and the creationism-evolutionism conflict.

How did Inherit the Wind end?

The last thing that happens in Inherit the Wind is, after all the yakkity-yak, a silent action. Drummond takes up the Bible in one hand, Darwin’s The Origin of Species in the other, balancing the two books. This action reflects justice, which is usually represented by two scales, weighing different viewpoints.

Who is Matthew Harrison Brady based on?

William Jennings Bryan

What does Drummond say is actually on trial?

Drummond says that the “Read Your Bible!” banner should be countered with a “Read Your Darwin!” banner. The judge calls the idea preposterous and declares recess. A crowd follows Brady out of the courtroom. Rachel implores Drummond to call off the trial and asks Cates to beg forgiveness.

Why does Drummond call Brady to the stand?

Drummond argues that testimony of scientists in this case is no different from testimony of forensics experts in a murder case. Drummond then asks the judge whether he would admit testimony on the Bible. When the judge agrees to allow such testimony, Drummond calls Brady to the stand.

What does Rachel reveal about her father?

As Rachel tells more of her story, her father and the form of Christianity practiced in Hillsboro appear more and more cruel and heartless. Rachel relates that her father always frightened her, even from a young age. He publicly confirms her fears at a town prayer meeting, when he damns her soul for supporting Cates.

Why does Rachel say Cates left the church?

What does Rachel share about Cates’ reason for dropping out of church? She says that Cates stopped going to church after a local boy, Tommy Stebbins, drowned in the river while he went for a swim. Rev. Brown said he didn’t die in a state of grace, because he was never baptized.

What did Rev Brown say about Tommy Stebbins?

What did Reverend Brown say about Tommy Stebbins? Tommy Stebbins soul was damned, writhing in hellfire.

Who paid bail for Bert?

Bert won because he smashed a bad law and made it a joke. Who paid bail for Bert? Hornbeck paid bail for Bert.

Did Bert Win or lose in Inherit the Wind?

Q. Did Bert win or lose? He won. Even though he was found guilty, his sentence was very light.

Why does Hornbeck use the word Moorish to describe the courthouse?

The word “Moorish” refers to the Arab conquerors of Spain. Why does Hornbeck use the word “Moorish” to describe the courthouse? Drummond refers to the implications of the trial by saying, “Wjen they started this fire here, they never figured it would light up the whole sky.” What literary term does he use?

What is Henry’s Lizzie?

Henry’s Lizzie (p. 31)—This refers to Henry Ford’s Tin Lizzie, the nickname of Ford’s 1908 Model T-Ford; it was the first mass-produced automobile, and could be put together in 93 minutes. flivver (p.

When they started the fire here they never figured it would light up the whole sky?

12. When they started this fire here, they never figured it would light up the whole sky. Drummond explains to Cates that “this fire,” his case, represents something much larger than his accusers realized. It represents the right of people to champion new and unpopular ideas.

What is Hornbeck’s reaction to Brady’s death?

Drummond is greatly saddened by his death, but Hornbeck seems to rejoice, thinking that the world is rid of a loud, obnoxious man. But Drummond takes on Hornbeck, telling him Hornbeck has as much right to make of Brady’s religion as he does to make fun of Drummond’s non-religion—meaning no real right at all.

What a challenge it is to fit on the old armor again to test the steel of our truth against the blasphemies of science?

What does Brady mean when he says, “What a challenge it is to fit on the old armor again! To test the steel of our truth against the blasphemies of science!”? To fit the old armor again means that it’s been a while since Brady has done a court case.